Sunday, June 14, 2009

Introducing Betsey!

This is the new addition to the family (she hasnt arrived it)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Girls...

My Chihuahuas are very important to me! They have really put tons of joy in my life.

New to blogging!

Hello everyone,

I am new to this but excited to start this.

Currently I am grieving over the loss of my Father who passed away due to a medical error on February 5th of this year. I have tried every big lawyer of malpractice I can think of or was directed to advise and it appears as though his age is of more importantce then the actual problem. My Father died of Septic Shock caused by catheter trauma at the WORST Rahabilitation center in Las Vegas. He is buried at the most beautiful Cemetery, Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City. My Father was a huge part of my life and not one day goes by tearless. A part of me is missing. I hope he is watching over me.

I want to make sure this does not happen to anyone else. I will be writing a letter of complaint to everyone that will listen. Hopefully once I am done I will have made a difference and changed some policies and procedures for the next patient....